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Meet the team!

The Campuslibre team all graduated from WPI in 2011. Some of us are continuing on as graduate students at WPI, and some of us entered the work force. But we wanted to stay actively involved in the great WPI community, and so we made this website! We love to meet new people and talk about anything and everything, so feel free to chat with us. We like to think of ourselves as pretty friendly people. So whether you found bugs in the site (impossible!), ideas for new features you would like to see, or even just questions about classes, life at WPI, or life after WPI, we would love to talk with you! Don't be shy, send us an email, facebook us, tweet us, or click the chat link at the bottom of the page!

  • Pat DeSantis

    Accidentally designed Campuslibre using Photoshop's content-aware fill. Besides making websites, he spends his time as a dance instructor and as the lead singer and tambourinist in a Zumba cover band.

  • Alan Lazaros

    His mastery of copy and paste is rivaled only by his ability to tweet, like, and link-in like nobody's business.

  • Ramsey Abouzahra

    Is a master of writing code, climbing tall structures, and falling down from them.

  • Manu Bhalla

    Is actually a robot. Since he believes in the utmost of efficiency, he spends 86.7% of his time in either sleep, standby, or hibernation mode. The other 13.3% of his time is spent being a baller. Also of note, he had not seen a Star Wars movie until his junior year, which is a record amongst WPI students.

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